Medical Assisting Certificate


Medical assistants are multi-skilled health professionals specifically educated to work primarily in ambulatory care settings, such as physician’s offices, clinics and outpatient care centers under the direct supervision of physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants. Medical assistants perform both administrative and clinical duties.

Admission Requirements

Students must complete the following admission procedure:

  1. Place into ENGL S110 (or higher), MATH S054 (or higher) and CIS S105 or CIS placement test.
  2. Program director approval and completed application with criminal background check, health examination, current TB test and immunizations

Minimum grade of C- is required for all courses with an overall 2.00 GPA or higher for certificate completion.

Courses in Medical Assisting Procedures (Clinical I & II and Administrative I & II) can only be taken by students admitted to the Medical Assisting Program. The Practicum serves as the capstone and can be taken only after other program requirements are completed. Accreditation standards require the practicum to be unpaid.

Minimum Credit Hours35
General Requirements6
Program Requirements29-30
General Requirements
Written Communication Skills
ENGL S111Methods of Written Communication3
Social Sciences
PSY S101Introduction to Psychology3
Program Requirements
HS S102Fundamentals of CPR and First Aid 11
HS S114Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology3
HS S116Quantitative Methods in Healthcare3
HS S133Medical Assisting Procedures: Administrative I4
HS S135Medical Terminology3
HS S142Medical Assisting Procedures: Clinical I4
HS S233Medical Assisting Procedures: Administrative II4
HS S242Medical Assting Procedures: Clinical II4
HS S294A (Medical Assisting Practicum) 24
Total Credits36

 This course is waived with a current first aid and provider level CPR.


Course Description: Provides 180 hours of uncompensated, supervised work in a medical clinic for medical assisting students. Students will work alongside their preceptor to observe the required duties of a Medical Assistant in the healthcare setting, and apply learned principles, skills and knowledge required in private medical offices and clinics by performing equivalent tasks as final preparation for employment in the field. Learning is enhanced by online discussions, assignments and examinations. This is the last course in the Medical Assisting Certificate program. Prerequisite: HS S133, HS S142, HS S233, HS S242, current immunizations and TB test, first aid and provider-level CPR card, and instructor permission required.  All applicable cognitive objectives and psychomotor and affective competencies must be achieved prior to the start of the practicum.