Fisheries, M.S. through UAF


UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

The School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences is part of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The School is home to the program in Fisheries (with faculty in Juneau and Fairbanks) and the graduate program in Marine Sciences and Limnology (based in Fairbanks).

The Center enjoys access to a wide spectrum of marine and freshwater habitats. The natural environment serves as classrooms and research laboratory for students. The research engaged in by the faculty and graduate students covers problems from all over Alaska, from Southeast Alaska waters to the Bering Sea.

In addition to a variety of Fisheries courses, the Center’s faculty offers instruction in advanced courses in Statistics. The M.S. and Ph.D. in Fisheries are offered to prepare students for careers in fisheries management, fisheries research, or general aquatic biology.

Research programs currently include conservation biology of salmon, evolution and systematics of marine fish, management of sustainable fisheries, dynamics of exploited populations, toxic effects of pollutants, population biology of marine mammals, culture of salmon and seaweeds, molecular and population genetics, and stock separation techniques.

The new three-story building (31,000 sq. ft.) is located at Lena Point adjacent to the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Services, Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute, approximately 17 miles north of Juneau. The building is equipped with a high-quality seawater system, walk-in freezer, coldroom, wet and dry-lab research facilities and advanced lab instrumentation. Rented offices house several faculty, a classroom, a large computer lab, and a study area.

Financial assistance for graduate students is provided through research assistantships from state, federal and industry-funded grants to the Center and through University fellowships.

Interim Dean

Joan Braddock


Shannon Atkinson
Professor of Fisheries

Anne Beaudreau
Assistant Professor of Fisheries

Keith Criddle
Director and Ted Stevens Distinguished Professor of Marine Affairs

Ginny Eckert
Associate Professor of Fisheries

Richard Gard
Professor of Fisheries, Emeritus (UAS)

Anthony J. Gharrett
Professor of Fisheries, Emeritus

Lewis J. Haldorson
Professor of Fisheries, Emeritus

Gordon Kruse
President’s Professor of Fisheries

Megan McPhee
Assistant Professor of Fisheries

Franz Mueter
Assistant Professor of Fisheries

Alexei Pinchuk
Research Associate Professor

Terrance J. Quinn II
Professor of Fish Population Dynamics

William W. Smoker
Professor of Fisheries, Emeritus

Michael S. Stekoll
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
(UAS with joint appointment UAF)

David Tallmon
Professor of Biology
(UAS with joint appointment UAF)

Sherry Tamone
Professor of Biology
(UAS with joint appointment UAF)

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Fisheries

Upper-division Fisheries courses are offered at the Juneau Center to qualified undergraduates; the B.S. Fisheries program is located on campus at both Fairbanks and Juneau.

Master of Science in Fisheries

Doctor of Philosophy

There are specific requirements for admission to the M.S. and Ph.D. in fisheries program. Refer to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Graduate Catalog.