Biology Minor

This minor is designed to provide students with a broad introduction to the discipline of Biology as well as the opportunity for advanced study in three focus areas.

Minimum Credit Hours18
BIOL S105Fundamentals of Biology I4
BIOL S106Fundamentals of Biology II4
Select three of the following, including at least one 4 credit course:10-12
Introduction to Marine Biology
Introduction to Plant Biology 1
Ecology 1
Vertebrate Zoology 1
Invertebrate Zoology 1
Animal Physiology 1
Genetics 1
Conservation Biology 1
Marine Ornithology and Herpetology
Wetlands Ecology 1
Marine Mammalogy 1
Phycology 1
Introduction to Ichthyology 1
Animal Behavior 1
Aquatic Pollution
Marine Ecology 1
Evolution 1
Total Credits18

4 credit courses