American Sign Language (ASL)

ASL S100A Sign Language I

1 credit (1+0)
This course will introduce students to the basic principles of manual communication. Students will learn finger-spelling and a basic vocabulary of 150 functional words. Not applicable to General Education Requirements.

ASL S100B Sign Language II

1 credit (1+0)
This course is a continuation of ASL S100A. Components of the course include acquiring new vocabulary, conversational sign language practice, and using sign language in a variety of ways. Not applicable to General Education Requirements.
Prerequisite: ASL S100A.

ASL S101 Beginning American Sign Language I

4 credits (4+0)
GER. An introduction to visual communication. Emphasis will be on grammatical foundations for American Sign Language (ASL). Introduction to the American Deaf culture, its mores and significant issues. Demonstrations of ASL discourse, analysis and derivations, signs and grammatical structures.

ASL S102 Beginning American Sign Language II

4 credits (4+0)
GER. A continuation of ASL I. Covers intermediate level ASL grammar and vocabulary, idiomatic and vernacular constructions. Prepares the student for advanced study and lays groundwork for further training in the field of ASL interpreting.
Prerequisite: ASL S101 or instructor permission.