Journalism (JOUR)

JOUR S100 Introduction to Journalism

3 credits (3+0)
Develops skills in news and feature writing, reporting, and interviewing. Students also learn various aspects of journalism including ethics, newspapers, radio, TV, public information, and public relations. Corequisite: ENGL S111 (C or better).

JOUR S101 Introduction to Mass Communications

3 credits (3+0)
GER. A survey of the mass communications media and their functions in modern society. Topics include newspapers, magazines, books, movies, radio, television, the advertising and public relations industries, and the convergence of mass media in the digital environment.

JOUR S102 Introduction to News Editing and Layout

3 credits (2+3)
A class for beginning writers who wish to improve their newspaper writing skills, but with a marked emphasis on learning strong editing skills. The class will focus on grammar, newspaper style and improvement in writing. It will review writing stories and feature headlines, picture captions and learning newspaper layout and photo editing. The course will also include discussions on newspaper libel law and other legal issues.Prequisite: JOUR S101 or permission

JOUR S221 Introductory Photography

3 credits (2+3)
Cross-listed as ART S221. Basic principles of photography; how the camera functions and the utilization of these features for artistic expression; processing and printing of black and white film; laboratory and classroom demonstration; relationship of photography to other art media. Additional three hours lab per week required.

JOUR S224 Intermediate Photography

3 credits (2+3)
Cross-listed as ART 224.Development and refinement of skills in the use of the camera and techniques as a medium of expression. Assignments given to create concepts, discipline, and an awareness that the camera is only a tool of creative expression. Lighting for form, texture, and separation through the use of existing and/or studio lighting. Introduction to special darkroom techniques as a tool for further investigation.Additional three hours of lab per week required.
Prerequisite: ART/JOUR 221.