Verification of Information

The U.S. Department of Education reviews financial aid applications to determine that information has been reported accurately and that aid is distributed fairly. The Financial Aid Office also verifies information on selected applications before students can receive financial aid awards. The Financial Aid office may request copies of a number of documents that must be submitted before aid can be disbursed. Examples of some possible documents are listed below:

  1. Income Tax Return Transcripts
  2. Verification of untaxed income
  3. Verification of household size
  4. Verification of child support payments
  5. Verification of number of family members in college
  6. Verification of dependency status
  7. Verification of non-citizen status
  8. Verification of social security number
  9. Verification of registration status with the Selective Service
  10. Verification of status of defaulted student loans
  11. If military, copies of Leave/Earning Statements (preferably all 12 months) for previous tax year
  12. Proof of identity signed by a Notary and a statement of education purpose