Honors Program

University Honors Program

About the Program

The UAS Honors Program offers students enhanced educational and leadership opportunities by taking advantage of the incomparable cultural and environmental opportunities that our university provides. The unique environmental and cultural histories of Southeast Alaska situate UAS within unparalleled horizons shaped by the region’s distinctive local, state, national, and global relations. From this vantage, the UAS Honors Program offers exceptional students enriched opportunities to design their academic work in edifying and meaningful ways in order to fulfill their highest potential.

Student Success: Students who participate in the UAS Honors Program gain access to important supporting services such as personalized academic advising and mentoring, priority enrollment, resource and scholarship opportunities, and community involvement with a cohort of peers committed to academic excellence. With access to such resources, students in the UAS Honors Program develop a competitive edge for pursuing career options beyond the baccalaureate, including gaining admission to quality graduate and professional programs across the nation.

Teaching and Learning: The UAS Honors Program offers motivated and outstanding students the opportunity to learn in uplifting and diverse scholarly environments both inside and outside the classroom.

Beginning with the UAS Honors Orientation Seminar (HNRS S201), students in the program develop a supportive relationship with a cohort of peers. Additionally, the UAS Honors Program connects exceptional students with expert faculty for focus-driven independent research and robust creative expression. Beyond formal academics, Honors students cultivate enriching life-long learning experiences by studying world languages or participating in the International Study Abroad program.

Community Engagement: The UAS Honors Program provides diverse ways for students to engage their communities and the world through their studies. By participating in independent research, service learning, or other community service opportunities outside of the classroom, Honors students continually work to build professional confidence and cultivate civic responsibility. Learning through engagement gives Honors students an added advantage when applying for graduate school or designing a fulfilling professional career.

Research and Creative Expression: By promoting engaged learning, the UAS Honors Program gives students matchless opportunities to achieve their highest potential. Toward this end, the program is designed to help students develop important leadership skills in order to prepare them for life beyond the rigorous demands of a university education. Through a program that combines study, service, and cultural awareness, the UAS Honors Program is committed to helping students gain the competencies necessary to stay engaged with local, national, and global affairs in a rapidly changing world.

Who is Eligible

Students enrolled in participating programs, including e-Learning programs, are eligible to participate in the UAS Honors Program. Interested students should first make an appointment with the Honors Program Coordinator to determine which programs participate in the UAS Honors Program. Students enrolled in participating programs should then declare intent and register in the Fall Honors Orientation Seminar. Students who fulfill the requirements of the Honors program will graduate with the distinction in cursu honorum. Honors Students are required to maintain a 3.50 cumulative GPA.

Enrolling in the UAS Honors Program

All students who wish to take advantage of what the UAS Honors Program has to offer will first make an appointment with the Honors Program Coordinator in order to determine student eligibility and submit a declaration of intent. In consultation with the coordinator, the student will prepare a plan of study by selecting the most appropriate Honors Program track. All Honors Program students should enroll in the one-credit Honors Program Orientation offered each Fall.

UAS Honors Program Requirements

Overview of the UAS Honors Program Requirements

The UAS Honors Program aims to bring a combination of both breadth and depth to students’ academic work. In order to promote an engaged scholarship that blends the demands of academic rigor with a critical concern for cultural diversity, and in order to accommodate the diverse student populations and degree programs at UAS, the Honors Program combines two sets of requirements:

  1. “Honors Program Core Requirements,” which are universal and required by everyone, and
  2. “Honors Program Track Requirements,” which can be customized to meet different student interests and needs.

The “Core Requirements” are designed to engender a broad, supportive environment that allows Honors students to work and study as a cohort. Moreover, the “Core Requirements” are designed to help students develop important cultural competencies by celebrating indigenous and international cultures and languages. As such, all Honors Program students are required to complete one year of indigenous or international language study or complete a full semester of Study Abroad. “Core Requirements” not only create a standard of academic excellence across the university, but they bring this excellence of study to bear on broader community and global concerns.

Honors Program Coordinator

For more information, contact the UAS Honors Program Coordinator:

Sol Neely
Associate Professor of English
(907) 796-6411