Juneau Campus

Choosing a college is a very important decision and deciding whether to live on or off campus can be just as important. The living and learning environment of Student Housing can be a source of further education on what is it like to live in a community environment.

UAS Juneau campus offers suite-style residence halls, two and four bedroom apartment units, and community services offered in a location convenient to most other campus services and locations.

Why live on-campus?

There are numerous benefits to living on-campus, beyond simple convenience. Opportunities to develop friendships with other residents and connections with faculty and staff are vital to creating a supportive network of resources in your education. The Residence Life department’s goal is to provide a living environment that focuses on academic success. This is done by creating and maintaining comfortable homes for students, through policies and procedures that encourage learning and studies, and by implementing programs and events that challenge our residents to reflect upon their growth.

National research has shown that students living on campus:

  • Finish college in less time
  • Have more contact with faculty, staff, and other students
  • Are exposed to a wider range of ideas and cultures
  • Are challenged to and develop strong interpersonal skills

Furthermore, student satisfaction surveys indicate that in comparison to other peer colleges and universities, UAS residents feel:

  • more safe and secure in their living environments
  • comfortable with live-in, paraprofessional student staff
  • that fellow residents are tolerant and accepting of diverse views
  • they have a true community atmosphere


Students residing in on-campus housing must maintain full time enrollment (12 credits) and a minimum 2.00 GPA and show record of current immunizations (contact Housing Office for a complete list). Students may petition to the Associate Director of Residence Life to have fewer credits.

Freshman Residence Hall

First time freshmen under the age of 21 enrolling at the Juneau campus may live in the Freshman Residence Hall, located on campus in close proximity to academic buildings, student services, and food services. The building has room for 120 students with each student sharing a room with one other individual within a suite of two rooms (four total occupants per suite). Suites share a common entry area and bathroom. The entry contains a shared refrigerator, microwave, and storage space for food and kitchen utensils. The freshman residence hall also has a seminar room, a large lounge, a large communal kitchen, laundry facilities, front desk services, and study spaces.

Banfield Hall

Second-year students are placed as a cohort into Banfield Hall. Banfield Hall is a suite-style building similar to the freshman residence hall. It features two lounges, a communal kitchen, laundry services, a TV room, and a study room.

Suites within Banfield Hall are private rooms­—two students have private rooms within a suite with two rooms. The suites share a common entry and bathroom. The entry features a shared full-size refrigerator, and storage for food and kitchen utensils.

Apartment Living

Modern apartment-style units for students who are not first-time freshman are available. Seven apartment buildings provide housing for 200 students. Four-bedroom apartments have four private bedrooms, while two-bedroom apartments have room for two students in each room. All apartments have a total occupancy of four. Common areas include a full kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathroom. Each apartment also has a shared storage room.


The freshman residence hall is located on main campus, adjacent to the campus parking lot. It has easy access to student services, academic buildings, food services, and public transportation.

Banfield Hall and all apartment units are located at the main housing complex, located a short ten minute walk from campus.


The student housing complex is staffed by live-in professional and paraprofessional student staff. The Associate Director of Residence Life, First Year Experience Advisor, and the Residence Life Coordinator are highly trained professional staff members who administer facilities, serve as resources to students, and provide live-in on-call duties. They also supervise Community Advisors (CAs), the primary student staff contact for housing residents. CAs act as mentors and resources for residents and promote the welfare of the housing community. CAs receive extensive training both prior to residents’ arrival and throughout the academic year, making them valuable resources to residents in Housing.

Community Facilities

Residents of the student housing complex share the Student Housing Lodge. The facility provides a commons area with a fireplace, classroom, residence life offices, television lounge, and game room. The building also houses a large laundry facility and secured gun storage area for residents who wish to store firearms on campus. The Bear’s Pantry convenience store is located on the lower level. The Lodge is the site for many social and educational activities. A barbecue shelter and basketball court is located outside of the Lodge.

Application Procedure

Applications may be picked up from the Student Housing Office, located in the Housing Lodge at the Juneau campus or by writing to the University of Alaska Southeast Housing Office, 4300 University Drive, Juneau, AK 99801. The housing application and information is also available online at the Juneau campus housing or upon request by e-mail to housing@uas.alaska.edu or download the housing application in PDF format from uas.alaska.edu/housing.

Students are encouraged to apply early, as housing facilities fill quickly. An application is not considered complete until a non-refundable $25 application fee and the $300 deposit is received, signed housing agreement is returned, proof of immunization has been verified, and a Criminal History Form is provided.


Assignments to student housing are made prior to the start of each semester. Students will be informed, in writing, of the details of their assignment before they arrive. Priority is given on a first come, first served basis once an application and deposit have been received. Assignments will not be made unless an application is complete. This means that a signed housing agreement and proof of current immunizations have been received. All efforts will be made to honor special housing requests such as roommate references; however, staff may not be able to accommodate requests of last-minute applications.

2016-2017 Housing Rates1

Freshman Residence Hall

Shared Room$2,600
Private Room2$3,400
Required Meal Plan$1,600

Banfield Residence Hall

Shared Room3$2,100
Private Room$2,600
Required Meal Plan$600

Apartment Style

Private Room in 4-bedroom unit$2,600
Shared Room in 2-bedroom unit$2,600
Private Room in 2-bedroom unit4$3,400
Required Meal Plan$200

All rates listed are per semester. All utilities, except cable television and phone, are included in the housing charge. Housing charges are due in advance for each semester upon or before moving in. Housing charges and fees are subject to change. For information regarding payment plans contact Student Accounts at (907) 796-6267. 


Single rooms are only available if the residence hall is not full. These rooms cannot be guaranteed until after the first week of classes. Additional fees will be charged once the single room is guaranteed.


Shared rooms in Banfield Hall are only available as overflow areas. Banfield is primarily set up for private rooms. Upperclassmen desiring a shared room should request to be placed in two bedroom apartments.


Single rooms are only available in 2-bedroom apartments when they are not full. These rooms cannot be guaranteed until after the first week of classes. Additional fees will be charged once the single room is guaranteed.


Students may not check out of housing mid-semester without incurring a substantial financial penalty. The Housing agreement is for a full academic year and includes the meal plan.

Ketchikan Campus Housing

At this time, UAS-Ketchikan does not offer student housing. For housing information, contact the Student Services Manager, (907) 228-4508 or toll free 1-888-550-6177.

Sitka Campus Housing

At this time, UAS Sitka does not operate student housing on campus, but makes referrals to students seeking houses to nearby third-party affordable student housing options and other rentals in the community. For housing referrals, please contact the Student Success Manager, (907) 747-7703 or toll free (in AK) 1-800-478-6653, or email sitka.studentlife@uas.alaska.edu.