Health Sciences, A.A.S.

Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka

The Associate of Applied Science in Health Sciences prepares students to enter direct care careers and to apply (transfer) to a variety of health care training programs. The degree provides the foundation needed to understand modern health care delivery, and includes a base in GER options as well as a science core. Program assessment plans and student learning outcomes are posted at the Program Assessment website.

Students need to consult with a Health Sciences advisor before registering for courses. Meeting with an advisor will help students develop a plan of study for specific career goals.

The AAS in Health Sciences requires a minimum of 61 credits. Of these, 31 credits are in GERs, 20 credits are in biology and chemistry, and a minimum of 10 credits make up the core Health Science courses. 20 credits must be at the 200 level or above. At least 15 credits must be taken at UAS. Minimum grade of C (2.00) is required in all courses. A grade of C- is not considered passing.

As there are a limited number of 200+ level courses eligible in this degree, including the following courses into a plan of study will help students meet the 20 credit 200 level requirement:

ENGL S211Intermediate Composition: Writing About Literature3
or ENGL S212 Technical Writing
COMM S235Small Group Communication and Team Building3
or COMM S237 Interpersonal Communication
PSY S250Lifespan Development3
BIOL S240Introductory Microbiology4
HS S203Science of Nutrition3
HS S206Introduction to Environmental Health3
HS S291 (Health Science Internship)3-6
Advisor approved GER courses

Degree Requirements

Minimum Credit Hours61
General Education Requirements31
Science Requirements20
Major Requirements10
General Education Requirements
Written Communication Skills
ENGL S111Methods of Written Communication3
Intermediate Composition: Writing About Literature
Technical Writing
Oral Communication Skills
Select one of the following:3
Fundamentals of Oral Communication 1
Small Group Communication and Team Building 1
Interpersonal Communication 1
Public Speaking 1
Computational Skills
MATH S105Intermediate Algebra4
Social Science
Advisor approved Social Science courses9
Fine Arts and Humanities
Fine Arts course3
Humanities course6-8
Science Requirements
BIOL S111Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL S112Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIOL S240Introductory Microbiology4
Depending on career goal, select one of the following sequences with advisor:8
Introduction to General Chemistry
and A Survey of Organic and Biochemistry
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry II
Major Requirements
HS S102Fundamentals of CPR and First Aid 21
HS S135Medical Terminology3
Select two of the following:6
Introduction to Health Sciences
Science of Nutrition
HS S291
(Health Science Internship)
Introduction to Environmental Health
Advisor-approved 200+ elective
Optional Skills Training
Certified Nurse Aide Training
Emergency Trauma Technician - First Responder
Emergency Medical Technician I
Total Credits58

Grade C 2.00 or better


HS S105, HS S118, and HS S119 may be substituted for HS S102