Disbursement of Funds

All financial aid is received at the Financial Aid Office and released to students through their respective campus Student Account Office. Disbursement is usually in equal amounts, one-half of total award at the beginning of each semester. Proceeds of any financial aid will be used to pay tuition, fees, and all other amounts due UAS. Any remaining balance will be issued to the student in the form of a refund check or a direct deposit. The amounts of financial aid funds disbursed may be adjusted if students make changes to their schedules before the listed Financial Aid Census Date.

The Financial Aid Office will disburse financial aid funds a few days before the start of the term; however, the actual receipt of aid is dependent on the completeness of each student’s financial aid application. The Student Accounts Office will release refund checks within ten business days after a student's financial aid disburses. Refund checks may be picked up at the Student Accounts Office, or will be direct deposited if the student has signed up for this option.