Construction Technology, A.A.S.


The Construction Technology program provides a course of student in various aspects of residential construction that prepares students for entry into the construction trades.  The Construction Technology, A.A.S. degree requires a minimum of 60 credit hours. 

There are several Occupational Endorsements (OE) that a Construction Technology student may obtain while completing courses in the A.A.S. program, including the Exterior Finishes, OE: Interior Finishes, OE; and Framing, OE.

The Construction Technology program prepares students for a variety of entry-level positions, such as apprentice for building contractor, facility maintenance technician, drafting technician, building inspector/plan reviewer, and for continuation into professional degree programs such as construction management, engineering and architecture.

Minimum Credit Hours 61
General Education Requirements 16
Major Requirements 45
General Education Requirements
Written Communication Skills
WRTG S111*Writing Across Contexts3
WRTG S211*Writing and the Humanities3
or WRTG S212 *Writing and the Professions
Oral Communication Skills
Select one of the following:3
*Fundamentals of Oral Communication 1
*Small Group Communication and Team Building 1
*Interpersonal Communication 1
*Public Speaking 1
Computational Skills
MATH S105Intermediate Algebra4
Other Skills
Advisor approved GERs 23
Major Requirements
ACCT S100Recordkeeping for Small Businesses3
BA S166Small Business Management3
CT S100Woodworking I3
CT S135Residential Wiring3
CT S102Introduction to the Construction Trades1
CT S103 Construction Tools and Materials1
CT S104Construction Safety: OSHA 10-Hour Certification1
CT S121Light Wood Frame Construction1
CT S121LLight Wood Frame Construction Lab2
CT S140Residential Plumbing and Heating3
CT S170Residential Design, Codes and Standards3
CT S175Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting3
CT S201Residential Building Science3
CT S212Interior Finish Carpentry1
CT S212LInterior Finish Carpentry Lab2
CT S214Exterior Finish Carpentry1
CT S214LExterior Finish Carpentry Lab2
CT S227Residential Construction Planning and Estimating3
CT S230Residential Mechanical Ventilation3
Advisor approved Elective3
Total Credits61

Grade C 2.00 or better


Humanities, social sciences, mathematics, or natural sciences. See General Education Requirements.

1. Construction Technology AAS graduates will attain employment in the residential construction or related fields, and/or will continue in education in construction or related fields.

a. Graduates will be able to describe or utilize basic job safety, including; general construction site safety, personal protection equipment, good housekeeping, scaffolds and ladders, lifting and carrying, fire protection, first aid, electrical and chemical safety.

b. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to apply construction related techniques, skills, and tool use to varying construction projects.

c. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to use basic drafting and design skills. Designs will express an understanding of buildings as a system which includes, foundations, framing, building enclosures, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems.

d. Graduates will have the skills to safely perform residential construction tasks in the categories of foundations layout, exterior and interior rough framing, finish carpentry, basic plumbing and electrical.

e. Graduates will be able to describe basic construction management principles including; planning, scheduling, estimating, and accounting as they apply in a small business

2. Construction Technology graduates will demonstrate proficiency in the program requirements and the criteria outlined in the University’s basic six competencies.

a. Graduates will be able to effectively communicate using the professional language and concepts of construction technology. Where applicable this will include utilizing computer skills.

b. Graduates will be able to effectively apply basic analytical skills and mathematical reasoning in solving construction technology problems. Where applicable, computer technology will be used to assist in solving problems and formatting answers.

c. Graduates will be able to draw on a variety of information sources to assist them in communicating, analyzing and solving construction technology problems.

d. Graduates will be able to apply the fundamentals of professional behavior, responsibility, good work habits, and ethical decision making. e. Graduates will be able to utilize a critical thinking approach to solving construction problems.