Health Sciences, A.A.S.

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The Associate of Applied Science in Health Sciences prepares students to enter direct care careers and to apply or transfer to a variety of health care training programs. Students need to consult with a Health Sciences advisor before registering for courses.

A minimum grade of C (2.00) is required in all courses. A grade of C- is not considered passing.

Minimum Credit Hours 60
General Education Requirements 18-19
Emphasis Area Requirements 41-42
General Education Requirements
Written Communication Skills
WRTG S111*Writing Across Contexts3
WRTG S211*Writing and the Humanities3
or WRTG S212 *Writing and the Professions
Oral Communication Skills
Select one of the following3
*Fundamentals of Oral Communication
*Small Group Communication and Team Building
*Interpersonal Communication
*Public Speaking
Computational Skills
MATH S105Intermediate Algebra3-4
or HS S116 Mathematics in Health Care
Other Skills
PSY S111*Introduction to Psychology 13
or PSY S250 *Lifespan Development
HS S135Medical Terminology3
Pre-Nursing Qualifications Emphasis
Emphasis Requirements41-42
BIOL S111*Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL S112*Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIOL S240Introductory Microbiology4
CHEM S103*Introduction to General Chemistry 24
HS S203Science of Nutrition3
Advisor approved electives (in the following areas: BA, BIOL, CHEM, HS, HIM, HUMS, PSY)22-27
Medical Assisting Emphasis
Emphasis Requirements41-42
MA S133Medical Assisting Procedures: Administrative I4
MA S142Medical Assisting Procedures: Clinical I4
MA S233Medical Assisting Procedures: Administrative II4
MA S242Medical Assisting Procedures: Clinical II4
MA S294AMedical Assisting Practicum4
Advisor approved electives (in the following areas: BA, BIOL, CHEM, HS, HIM, HUMS, PSY)21-22

Consult with an advisor to determine which PSY course meets your educational plan.


CHEM S103 is required only if a lab chemistry course is not taken and passed in high school with a C (2.0) or higher.

1. The AAS in Health Sciences will prepare students for career opportunities in health care and health related services as outlined in the Health Sciences mission statement and reflected in industry and community needs. Students will be able to obtain:

a. The certifications necessary for employment in entry-level direct care services.

b. The requisite courses for the majority of national nursing and allied health programs, and specifically for UAA Nursing and Allied Health programs.

i. Students demonstrate understanding of nursing and allied health science program requirements and options within their career choices

ii. Students successfully develop and complete personalized internships in a health care field of interest.

iii. Student successfully complete the requisite GERs and sciences courses necessary to apply for admissions to nursing and allied health programs.

2. The Health Sciences program provides a foundational education for future health care professionals. Graduates will:

a. Demonstrate proficiencies in the six basic UAS competencies to the level needed to accomplish the primary goal of this program.

b. Reflect the UAS core values of cultural awareness, personal ethics, collaboration and continuing education.

i. Students demonstrate strong ethical and cross-cultural values in both theoretical and clinical health care situations.

ii. Students demonstrate appropriate social and professional work ethic skills in classroom and clinical settings.

iii. Students in skilled care courses (i.e. PCA, CNA, and EMT) successfully demonstrate the critical thinking, collaboration and technical skills necessary to be safe and effective health care team members.

iv. Students master the basic computational, communication and test- taking skills needed to obtain competitive GPAs and Nurse Entrance Test (NET) scores.

v. Students demonstrate proficient use of the information resources and reference materials needed for nursing and allied health training.

vi. Students demonstrate enough proficiency in information technology search engines and software to maintain a current educational standard of practice in health care.