Welcome to UAS

The University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) is a student-centered university that provides instruction in liberal arts, professional, and technical fields. On the homelands of the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian peoples, we serve the coastal environments, cultures, economies, and communities of Alaska, through interdisciplinary education, workforce development, and scholarship, research, and creative activity.  Our goal is helping you succeed in achieving your educational and career goals.

Dáng k_ats'áas eehl díi gudangáay 'láagang.

I'm happy you have come/come in. [Haida]

Haa yoo x̱ʼatángi haa latseeníx̱ gux̱satée.

Our language will become our strength. [Tlingit]

Ła gwelga la̱k! La̱mgism, la̱mgism, ła gwelga la̱k!

The fire is burning, warm yourselves, warm yourselves, the fire is burning! [Tsimshian]

Our campuses reside on the unceded territories of the Áakʼw Ḵwáan, Taantʼá Ḵwáan, and Sheetkʼá Ḵwáan on Lingít Aaní, also known as Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka, Alaska. We acknowledge that Lingít Peoples have been stewards of the land on which we work and reside since time immemorial, and we are grateful for that stewardship and incredible care. We also recognize that our campuses are adjacent to the ancestral home of the X̱aadas and Ts’msyen and we commit to serving their peoples with equity and care. We recognize the series of unjust actions that attempted to remove them from their land, which includes forced relocations and the burning of villages. We honor the relationships that exist between Lingít, X̱aadas, and Ts’msyen peoples, and their sovereign relationships to their lands, their languages, their ancestors, and future generations. We aspire to work toward healing and liberation, recognizing our paths are intertwined in the complex histories of colonization in Alaska. We acknowledge that we arrived here by listening to the peoples/elders/lessons from the past and these stories carry us as we weave a healthier world for future generations.