Educational Leadership, M.Ed.

Juneau, e-Learning

The M.Ed. Educational Leadership program is a cohort program designed to prepare candidates to become school administrators in Alaska. The program prepares candidates for the challenges and opportunities inherent in assuming roles as educational leaders in public schools. The program is designed to prepare building level administrators in both rural and urban districts in the state. 

The M.Ed. program in Educational Leadership is designed to provide candidates the opportunity to begin the program in one summer session and complete it in the next. In addition, candidates will be expected to complete courses and School of Education approved internship during the school year. Summer courses will be held on the Juneau campus of the University of Alaska Southeast. Fall and spring courses will be delivered through technology. Program assessment plans and student learning outcomes are posted at the Program Assessment website.

Application Requirements

Admission to the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership requires the following:

  1. Complete Graduate Application and pay fee.
  2. Send official academic transcripts indicating a GPA of at least 3.0. (Note: transcripts from UAA, UAF, or UAS are not required to be submitted.)
  3. Document at least three years public school teaching experience using the Employment Verification form.
  4. Obtain a letter of recommendation from your current principal. (Note: This requirement will be met when we receive a recommendation from the reference you provided contact information for in the UAS application portal.)
  5. Obtain a letter of support from the superintendent of your district. (Note: This requirement will be met when we receive a letter of support from the reference you provided contact information for in the UAS application portal.)
  6. Document the name and position of your identified mentor for the internship on the Mentor Identification Form. (Note: Please see the UAS Intern Mentor Handbook for more information about the internship and the associated responsibilities of mentor and intern.)
  7. Submit a writing sample per these instructions.

Application Deadline: April 1st

Additional information and links to forms at:

Exit Criteria:

  1. Successful completion of all courses in the sequence.
  2. A portfolio that demonstrates mastery of the National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) Standards at the Building Level.
Minimum Credit Hours 36
Major Requirements 36
Major Requirements
ED S627Educational Research3
ED S637Introduction to Educational Leadership9
ED S638Curriculum and Instructional Leadership I3
ED S639Curriculum and Instructional Leadership II3
ED S690Educational leadership II9
ED S691Internship: (Superintendent I)3
ED S691Internship: (Superintendent II)3
ED S698Master's Research Project or Portfolio3
Total Credits36

Degree: MED Educational Leadership

1. Articulate, maintain and develop a philosophy of education that they also demonstrate in practice. 

2. Understand how human development affects learning and apply that understanding to practice.

3. Differentiate instruction with respect for individual & cultural characteristics.

4. Candidates Possess current academic knowledge.

5. Facilitate learning by using assessment to guide planning, instruction and modification of teaching practice.

6. Create and manage a stimulating, inclusive and safe learning community in which students take intellectual risks and work independently and collaboratively.

7. Work as partners with parents, families and community.

8. Develop and maintain professional, moral, and ethical attitudes, behaviors, relationships and habits of mind.

9. Use technology effectively, creatively and wisely.