Students are responsible for meeting all requirements for graduation. It is important that students meet regularly with their academic advisor to review degree status and anticipated graduation date.

Application for Graduation

  1. A student must be admitted to a degree program before he or she can apply for graduation.  If the student is a bachelor’s degree student intending to graduate with an associate’s degree prior to graduation with a bachelor’s degree, he or she should check with the advisor to be admitted to the selected associate degree. Students must petition to graduate the same term they apply for admissions except for occupational endorsement certificates.
  2. Once a student has clarified admissions status, he or she must formally apply for graduation and pay a $50 fee. The application for graduation must be filed with the Registrar’s office on the campus attended during the semester in which he or she plans to graduate.

Fall completion deadline October 1
Spring completion deadline February 1
Summer completion deadline July 1

Applications submitted after the deadline will be charged an additional $25 late application fee. The last date to be considered for spring graduation is March 1, for summer is July 19, and fall October 31. Applications received subsequent to the late application deadline will be moved to the following term.

  1. If a student would like to graduate with a minor in a bachelor degree program, he or she must declare the minor by the graduation application deadline. Minors will not be awarded after a degree is posted to the transcript. The Registrar will not award a minor without a formal request in writing on the application for graduation.
  2. The request for graduation will be processed and the student will receive written notification from the Registrar’s Office regarding graduation status.

Diplomas and Commencement

UAS issues diplomas three times per year: in late September following the summer session, in February following the fall semester and in June following the spring semester. Commencement ceremonies are only held once a year, in May. Students who complete degree requirements during the academic year are invited to participate in the May ceremony. Degree candidates must be within six credits or two courses of degree completion by the end of the spring semester to be eligible to attend that spring's commencement ceremony.

Graduation with Honors

Students earning associate or baccalaureate degrees who obtain a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 will graduate cum laude, 3.80 magna cum laude and 4.00 summa cum laude. In addition to the general residency requirements, students must have been in attendance at UAS for at least 24 credit hours for an associate degree and 42 credit hours for a bachelor’s degree to graduate with honors. The resident credits must be weighted. Honors are not awarded for occupational endorsement certificates, certificates or graduate degrees. All college work attempted, including that attempted at other institutions and grades earned from repeated courses, is considered in the determination of a student’s eligibility for graduation with honors. 

For transfer students to be considered for graduation with honors they must have a 3.50 cumulative GPA in all attempted UAS credits and 24 resident credits for an associate and 42 resident credits for a bachelors.

Once those requirements are met, cumulative GPA is calculated combining all college work attempted at UAS, as well as all college work attempted at any other institutions attended, including repeated credits and any credits that may not have been accepted for transfer.

Occupational Endorsement Completion

Occupational Endorsement candidates must formally apply for completion by filling out the application for graduation the term they are planning on completing.


4-Year Average Student Right-to-Know Rates

Starting Cohort Year Graduation within 150% Transfer-out
2012 36% 24%
2013 26% 21%
2014 18% 25%
2015 30% 24%
4-yr Average 28% 24%