Online Programs and e-Learning

E-Learning education opportunities are consistent with the UAS mission to provide students access to a variety of academic and vocational programs and courses. Admission requirements to e-Learning programs are the same as admission requirements to the programs delivered on campus. Since all courses are approved by appropriate academic departments and faculty groups and meet standards of accreditation, no distinction is made among the various delivery modes in terms of a course’s acceptability for meeting degree program requirements.

E-Learning is instruction that occurs when the instructor and student are separated by distance or time or both. Delivery varies by course and may be via web, audio or video conference, or satellite broadcast, may use e-mail, correspondence or other combination of methods, and may require group meetings or be done on an individual basis. It is the responsibility of students to familiarize themselves with the technologies that are required for each course and prepare themselves accordingly before registering for classes.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain advice regarding the applicability of any particular course to meet a specific degree requirement. Student services available for e-Learning students include toll-free voice and fax telephone, admission counseling, faculty advising, UA site coordinators throughout the state, financial aid/scholarships application and awards, placement testing, tutoring resources, online library resources, computing services, and online services such as registration, grade reports, bill payment, and unofficial transcripts.

Certificate and degree programs available through e-Learning may include some on-campus and/ or practicum/internship requirements at specific locations.

The following certificate and degree programs are available by e-Learning to students within the state of Alaska: (unless otherwise noted below)

Occupational Endorsement Certificates


Associate Degrees

Bachelor Degrees 2

Master’s Degrees

Graduate Certificates

UAS facilitates the delivery of the following University of Alaska academic degree programs:

Specific information about UAS degree programs and certificates is available on our Areas of Study page. If you're interested in learning about our upcoming schedule of classes, visit our UAS Class Schedule page or call 1-877-465-4827.


Indicates program is offered by e-Learning to out of state students. Non-resident surcharges will apply. 


Not all minors are available via e-Learning