Accounting Technician Certificate

Juneau, e-Learning

The accounting certificate program is designed to provide intensive training for accounting occupations. Skills gained are job-entry in nature.

Minimum Credit Hours 30
General Requirements 9-10
Program Requirements 21
General Requirements
Written and Oral Communication Skills
Select one of the following:3
Business English
*Fundamentals of Oral Communication 1
*Writing Across Contexts
Computational Skills
BA S116Business Mathematics3-4
or MATH S105 Intermediate Algebra
Other Skills
Select one of the following:3
Management Skills
*Introduction to Psychology
Program Requirements
ACCT S201Principles of Financial Accounting3
ACCT S202Principles of Managerial Accounting3
ACCT S222Computer Automated Accounting3
ACCT S225Payroll Accounting3
BA S151Introduction to Business3
CIS S235Spreadsheet Concepts and Applications3
Advisor approved elective3
Total Credits30

 Grade C 2.00 or better

Upon completion of the UAS Accounting Technician Certificate, the student will be able to successfully:

1. Use mathematical computations in order to solve accounting and finance questions.

2. Prepare, analyze, and correct accounting entries within an accounting system.

3. Prepare, read, and analyze the financial statements of an entity.

4. Set up and use a computer-automated accounting system.

5. Create, analyze, and explain reports for the financial management of an entity.

6. Prepare and report on the payroll of an entity.

7. Use spreadsheets to support the accounting, financial, and managerial reporting needs of an entity.

8. Communicate ideas to others both orally and in writing.