Medical Assisting Certificate

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Medical assistants are multiskilled health professionals specifically educated to work in a variety of healthcare settings performing clinical and administrative duties. The practice of medical assisting necessitates mastery of a complex body of knowledge and specialized skills requiring both formal education and practical experience that serve as standards for entry into the profession (CAAHEP, 2022).

Admission Requirements

Students must complete the following admission procedure:

  1. Place into WRTG S110 (or higher), MATH S054 (or higher).
  2. After submitting an online admissions application, applicants must also submit documentation of a current TB test and immunizations. All students in the Medical Assisting program must either hold a current Provider Level First Aid/CPR card, or take HS 102: Fundamentals of CPR and First Aid. Students are admitted to the program with approval from the Program Director.1

Eligibility for the CMA (AAMA) certification examination may be denied by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) Certifying Board if the applicant has been found guilty or pleaded guilty to a felony.

Minimum grade of C- is required for all courses with an overall 2.00 GPA or higher for certificate completion.

Courses in Medical Assisting Procedures (Clinical I & II and Administrative I & II) can only be taken by students admitted to the Medical Assisting Program. The Practicum serves as the capstone and can be taken only after other program requirements are completed. Accreditation standards require the practicum to be unpaid.

Minimum Credit Hours 36
General Requirements 6
Program Requirements 30-31
General Requirements
Written Communication Skills
WRTG S111*Writing Across Contexts3
Social Sciences
PSY S111*Introduction to Psychology3
or PSY S250 *Lifespan Development
Program Requirements
HS S102Fundamentals of CPR and First Aid 11
HS S114Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology4
HS S116Mathematics in Health Care 3
HS S135Medical Terminology3
MA S133Medical Assisting Procedures: Administrative I4
MA S142Medical Assisting Procedures: Clinical I4
MA S233Medical Assisting Procedures: Administrative II4
MA S242Medical Assisting Procedures: Clinical II4
MA S294AMedical Assisting Practicum 24
Total Credits37

 This course is waived with a current first aid and provider level CPR.


All applicable cognitive objectives and psychomotor and affective competencies must be achieved prior to the start of the practicum.

The major goals of the Medical Assisting program graduates are to:

1. Demonstrate competency in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains needed to enter the profession.

2. Safely and effectively perform a variety of clinical and administrative skills as an entry level medical assistant.

3. Display professional behaviors in the workplace and communicate effectively both verbally and in writing within a work environment.

4. Follow standards, policies, and procedures of the physician’s office within the medical assistant scope of practice displaying knowledge of and demonstrating ethical and legal behaviors.