UAS Alumni and Friends Association

UAS Alumni & Friends Association

UASAA is an open membership organization whose purpose is to serve as a vital connection between the alumni and the University. The UASAA communicates and advocates the goals and programs of UAS, and fosters a continuous sense of community by establishing relationships and networking among alumni.

UAS Alumni Board of Directors

Roberta Stell, President, Retired UAS Provost
Karen Polley, Vice President, Retired UAS Ketchikan Campus Director
Kristie Balovich, Treasurer, Supervisory Management & Program Analyst, NOAA Fisheries
Casey Bain, UAS Mine Training Coordinator
Nathan Block, UAS graduate and current student in the Master of Public Administration Program
Karen Carey, UAS Chancellor
Greg Lange, Teacher, Edmonds School District, Washington
Julie Leary, Juneau Educator, Grant Coordinator for the 21st Century Learning Center Grants
Sherry Taber, Retired Librarian