Elementary Education, B.A.

Juneau, On-site and e-Learning

Contact: Dr. Jeffrey Lofthus
(907) 796-6404

The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education prepares students for recommendation in the state of Alaska for initial teaching certification in grades K-8. This program is for students in Alaska who desire the flexibility of an e-Learning program. Students in this program must be self-directed learners, have access to high speed internet connections, and prepare for a 9-month intensive student teaching experience in their senior year. Students are assessed relative to national and state standards, including Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) standards, the Alaska Teacher Standards, the Alaska Student Content Standards, and the Alaska Standards for Culturally Responsive Schools.

The degree requirements are interdisciplinary and provide breadth in the content areas necessary for successful teaching at an elementary level and depth in the opportunities to connect theory and practice in a variety of real classroom, school, and community contexts.

The main components of this program include:

  1. subject area coursework in UAS General Education Requirements (GERs);
  2. additional subject area coursework in those areas important for successful teaching at an K-8 level;
  3. foundation courses in education with practical experiences in the schools; and
  4. a capstone year-long experience where the professional education courses are integrated with field experiences and student teaching.

Program assessment plans and student learning outcomes are posted at the Program Assessment website.

Admission Requirements

Applicants will be considered for initial admission into the Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education program after completing all UAS general admission requirements.

Admission to Senior Year Student Teaching

In addition to the above admission requirements, all students entering the senior year are required to have successfully completed the following:

  1. Minimum GPA of 3.00
  2. Successful completion of all pre-senior year courses with grades of C 2.00 (not C-) or better
  3. Praxis Core/CASE or CBEST exam scores meeting Alaska DEED cut scores and Praxis Subject Assessment Elementary Education 5017 or 5018 
  4. Application for student teacher candidacy including education philosophy/theory essay, current resume, letter of introduction to future host teacher and principal, and two letters of recommendation from someone other than an education professor speaking to the student's potential as a certified teacher

Exit Criteria

3.00 GPA, successful completion of all program courses with grades of C 2.00 (not C-) or better.

Students must complete the GERs, the Alaska Native Knowledge Graduation Requirement, as well as the specific program requirements as listed for a minimum of 120 credit hours. Courses in a degree program may be counted only once. Courses used to fulfill the major requirements cannot be used to fulfill the GERs. Specific recommendations for the GERs in Elementary Education are listed below. Degree must include 42 credit hours of upper-division (300 or above) courses, 24 of which must be completed at UAS.

Minimum Credit Hours 120
General Education Requirements 42-48
Alaska Native Knowledge Graduation Requirement 3
Breadth Requirements 23
Major Requirements 55
General Education Requirements
Written Communication Skills
WRTG S111*Writing Across Contexts3
WRTG S211*Writing and the Humanities3
Oral Communication Skills
Select one of the following: 13
*Fundamentals of Oral Communication
*Small Group Communication and Team Building
*Interpersonal Communication
*Public Speaking
Computational Skills
MATH S151*College Algebra for Calculus4
or STAT S107 *Survey of Statistics
Select two of the following:6
*Art Appreciation
*Music Appreciation
*Theatre Appreciation
Select one of the following:3
*World History I
*World History II
Social Science
GEOG S101*Local Places, Global Regions: Introduction to Geography3
PS S101*Introduction to American Government3
PSY S111*Introduction to Psychology3
Select either:4-8
*Biology and Society
*Fundamentals of Biology I
and *Fundamentals of Biology II
Select one Physical Science and one Earth/Space Science course:7-8
Physical Sciences
*Introduction to General Chemistry
Or other advisor-approved physical science lab GER course.
Earth/Space Sciences
*Introduction to Oceanography
*Earth and Environment
*Physical Geology
*Geological History of Life
Breadth Requirements 2
Computational Skills
MATH S211Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I3
MATH S212Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II3
PE S100Health and Fitness1
PE Elective1
Advisor approved English writing or literature course3
HIST S131*History of the U.S. I3
or HIST S132 *History of the U.S. II
Social Science
PSY S245Child Development3
or PSY S250 *Lifespan Development
Select one of the following:3
*Introduction to Alaska Native Studies 3
AK Native Ecological Knowledge 3
Alaska Studies
Alaska Native Cultures
Alaska Native Social Change
History of Alaska
Advisor approved elective 4
Other Skills
Advisor approved elective3
Major Requirements
ED S222Orientation to the Teaching Profession3
ED S230Introduction to Educational Technology3
ED S302Foundations of Literacy and Language Development 53
ED S320AArt in the K-8 Curriculum1
ED S320BPhysical Education in the K-8 Curriculum1
ED S320CMusic in the K-8 Curriculum1
ED S320DDrama in the K-8 Curriculum1
ED S320EHealth in the K-8 Curriculum1
ED S333The Learner and the Learning Process3
ED S380Multicultural Education3
EDSE S482Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities3
ED S405Children's Literature in the Alaska Context3
Senior Year Requirements 6
ED S416Teaching Literacy in the K-8 Curriculum4
ED S417Teaching Social Studies in the K-8 Curriculum2
ED S427Teaching Math in the K-8 Curriculum3
ED S428Teaching Science in the K-8 Curriculum2
ED S448Classroom Management in K-8 Classrooms3
ED S452Student Teaching7
ED S460Integrated Curriculum and Instruction3
ED S494AApplications of Teaching: Field Work (Applications of Teaching: Field Work)3
ED S498Professional Portfolio Preparation2
Total Credits120