Alaskan Mariculture O.E.


This occupational endorsement provides training for students interested in careers in mariculture. Courses introduce students to the fundamentals of marine mariculture and provide knowledge and applied training on rearing shellfish, seaweed, and other marine organisms. The knowledge and skills learned in this program are essential to workforce development in the mariculture sector.

Minimum Credit Hours 10
OCN S101*Introduction to Oceanography3
FT S123Introduction to Mariculture3
FT S150Cold Water Survival1
FT S223Alaskan Aquaculture Lab1
MTR S119Small Vessel Operator1
MTR S120Outboard Motor Maintenance1
Total Credits10

Provide students with a broad understanding of mariculture, the mariculture industry and best practices.

Provide students with an understanding of Oceanography and Oceanographic conditions necessary to foster healthy mariculture species growth.

Provide students with the basic seamanship skills necessary to maintain, safely operate, and respond to emergencies while navigating small vessels in coastal Alaskan waters.