Maritime & Multi Skilled Worker O.E.


The Maritime & Multi Skilled Worker (M&MSW) program provides training in basic maritime and industrial skills. The Occupational Endorsement emphasizes the student's preparation as an entry level worker with recognized industrial skills. The M&MSW program is a United States Coast Guard approved QMED (Qualified Member of Engine Department) Oiler class. Successful completion of the program, along with accruing necessary seatime, permits the issuance of a USCG QMED Oiler credential without any further testing. 

Maritime & Multi Skilled Worker

This course of study is for individuals who desire to pursue a career emphasizing vessel and industrial operating systems, vessel and industrial maintenance and machinery repair.

Endorsement Requirements

Minimum Credit Hours 20
DESL S110Diesel Engines6
DESL S125Basic Hydraulics3
DESL S130Refrigeration and Air Conditioning2
MTR S129Basic Training2
MTR S181Marine Electrical Systems3
MTR S182Naval Architecture and Engineering Systems1
WELD S120Basic Welding3
Total Credits20
  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to work safely in an industrial environment.
  2. Students will understand the operation and maintenance of the diesel engine.
  3. Students will understand the fundamentals of safe rigging practices.
  4. Students safely and appropriately use hand tools.
  5. Students will understand the use of precision measuring tools.
  6. Students will understand the basic principles of ship design.
  7. Students will understand the ships operating systems.
  8. Students will describe the basic principles of refrigeration.
  9. Students will describe the basic principles of hydraulics.
  10. Students will identify the basic components of a hydraulic system and describe their principles of operation.
  11. Students will describe the fundamentals of and working safely with electricity.
  12. Students will describe the use and function a fundamental electrical devices.
  13. Students describe and demonstrate fundamental welding procedures.