Biology Minor

This minor is designed to provide students with a broad introduction to the discipline of Biology as well as the opportunity for advanced study in three focus areas. This minor is not intended for students pursuing a Marine Biology or Fisheries major.

Minimum Credit Hours 18
BIOL S115*Fundamentals of Biology I4
BIOL S116*Fundamentals of Biology II4
Select three of the following, including at least one 4 credit course:10-12
Introduction to Marine Biology
Introduction to Plant Biology 1
Ecology 1
Animal Physiology 1
Biological Oceanography
Genetics 1
Conservation Biology 1
Current Topics in Biology: 2
Marine Ornithology and Herpetology
Marine Mammalogy 1
Field Studies in Behavior and Ecology 3
Invertebrate Zoology 1
Introduction to Ichthyology 1
Animal Behavior 1
Field Studies in Biology:
Aquatic Pollution
Marine Ecology 1
Evolution 1
Biology Seminar 2

4 credit courses


Can only be taken once towards Biology Minor


3 credits total towards Biology Minor