Spanish Minor

The Spanish minor supports communicative language learning through engagement with the cultures, histories, and literatures of Spanish-speaking communities. Students may begin the minor with credits earned by exam or acquire a strong grammatical foundation in beginning and intermediate courses. Students further their proficiency through theme-based coursework in SPAN S318 (repeatable for credit) and/or study away. 

Minimum Credit Hours 15
Select a minimum fifteen credits of the following: 115
*Beginning Spanish I 2
*Beginning Spanish II 2
*Intermediate Spanish I 2
*Intermediate Spanish II 2
Themes in Literature, Language, and Culture 3
Or other advisor-approved SPAN courses or study-away coursework
Total Credits15

6 credits must be upper division 


Students with significant exposure to Spanish in the home or in high school should contact their advisor about credit-by-exam options.


May be repeated when content varies