History Minor

The minor in history provides students with a broad understanding of past cultures, social groups, political economy, nation-states, collective mentalities and civilizations. The minor helps students develop knowledge of historical background and context that supplements their major course of study. By completing this minor, students will develop university competencies in oral and written communication, critical thinking, professional behavior, and a social sciences competency in the appreciation of cultural diversity.

Minimum Credit Hours 18
HIST S492Seminar in History: Selected Topics 13
Select one of the following History sequences:6
*World History I
and *World History II
*History of the U.S. I
and *History of the U.S. II
HIST Electives 29
Total Credits18

May be repeated for course and program credit providing course title and content are different. 


 Select nine additional credits in History (at least six credits must be upper-division).