Credit by Examination

UAS offers and accepts a number of credit-by-exam options. These exams are accepted or offered based upon academic policy and accreditation standards. A maximum of 30 semester credit hours taken through standardized exams will be accepted by UAS toward a bachelor’s degree, 15 semester credit hours will be accepted toward an associate’s degree, and 9 semester credit hours will be accepted toward an undergraduate certificate and 3 credits toward Occupational Endorsement Certificates.

ACT and SAT Placement Scores

Placement for ACT (English + Reading) and SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing): Students may place into Writing classes by submitting ACT or SAT test scores.  If students place into WRTG S211 or WRTG S212WRTG S111 will be waived. Test scores will be evaluated upon admission to UAS. Student’s test results must reflect the following:

Course ACT SAT
WRTG S211 or WRTG S212 60-72 710-800
WRTG S111 36-59 480-700
WRTG S110 30-35 430-470
WRTG S090 26-29 390-420

Placement for current National GED Test: Reasoning Through Language Arts

Students may place into Writing classes by submitting GED scores. Test scores will be evaluated upon admission to UAS.

Course GED: Reasoning Through Language Arts
WRTG S110 145-164
WRTG S111 165 or higher
1 credit of 100 level English credit 175 or higher

Students may also place into WRTG S090 by taking TABE 11 & 12.

DANTES Subject Standardized Tests

Credit for non-traditional education can be earned through the DANTES Subject Standardized Tests program (DSST). Credits will be awarded only if students are admitted to degree and certificate programs and have taken courses at UAS. American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations for minimum test scores will be accepted. Exams may be repeated after an interval of one year. Auditing a course does not preclude obtaining credit for the course by taking the DSST subject standardized test. Credit will not be given for any course for which credit has previously been earned.

Maritime Non-Traditional Credit

UAS students admitted to a degree program may be awarded credit by examination by completing a US Coast Guard approved final exam for the course in which credit is being sought. Mariners may also receive nontraditional credit by submitting a copy of their Merchant Mariner Credential or Training Certificate from a USCG/STCW approved training program. Credits will be graded pass/fail and will not be calculated in the student's GPA.

Business Non-Traditional Credit

UAS students admitted to a business degree program may be awarded credit for certain faculty approved professional business certifications that they hold.  Credits awarded will be graded pass/fail and will not affect the student's GPA.  

Challenging a Course Through UAS

Students admitted to a degree program and currently enrolled at UAS are eligible to challenge a course by examination. The first step is to check with the instructor of the course that an individual would like to challenge, or with the chair of the department under which the course is offered. Final approval to challenge a course comes from the appropriate Academic Dean or Campus Director. Students may not challenge a UAS course that is a prerequisite to another UAS course in which they are currently enrolled or have completed, unless they have both instructor and Chair, Dean or Campus Director permission. A course challenged for credit must not duplicate a course for which credit has already been given. If a student has audited or previously enrolled in a class, he or she may not request credit via departmental examination for the class until the subsequent academic year. Departmental exams will be graded pass/fail and do not carry grade points. Exams may not be repeated earlier than one year from the previous test date. Cost is $50 per semester credit.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a two-year curriculum for student aged 16-19 and is similar to the final year of secondary school in Europe. UAS awards credit for IB higher-level exams on which students have earned a score of 4 or better. Students should submit an official record of their IB certificate(s) or diploma for review by UAS.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

Credit for prior learning is the evaluation of experienced based learning for college credit by a UAS faculty member. Experiences relevant to CPL include theoretical and current learning that relates or is equivalent to learning outcomes of a specific UAS course. Students must be in an undergraduate degree program at UAS, with a minimum cumulative gpa of 2.00 when applying for CPL. Students must pay an application fee with the application form. If approved an additional per credit hour cost will be assessed. For additional information contact your academic department.

Advanced Placement Credit through College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB)

The University of Alaska Southeast grants transfer credit of a grade of 3 or higher, or 4 or higher (effective Fall 2021) for French Language, Spanish Language, and Spanish Literature. Students would normally complete this test during their senior year in high school. An individual wanting CEEB advanced placement credit must request an official report of scores obtained on the exam to be sent to the Office of Admissions. Upon admission, appropriate credit will be awarded. Individuals may receive credit for more than one examination.

CEEB Advanced Placement Exams

Exams Accepted UAS Course Credits Min. Score
Art: History ART S261 & ART S262 6 3
Art: Drawing ART S105 3 3
Biology BIOL S115 & BIOL S116 8 3
Chemistry CHEM S105/CHEM S105L & CHEM S106/ CHEM S106L 8 3
Classics: Latin Lyric LANG S1 Elective 3 3
Classics: Virgil (Level 3) LANG S1 Elective 3 3
Comparative Government & Politics PS S202 3 3
Computer Science A CIS S1 Elective 3 3
Computer Science Principles CIS S170 3 3
Economics-Macro ECON S201 3 3
Economics-Micro ECON S202 3 3
English Language & Composition WRTG S111 3 3
English Literature & Composition ENGL S1GER 3 3
Environmental Science ENVS S102 4 3
European History HIST S1 Elective 3 3
French Language FREN S101 & FREN S102 8 4
German Language LANG S1GER 8 3
German Literature LANG S1 Elective 3 3
Human Geography GEOG S101 3 3
Japanese Language & Culture LANG S1GER 8 3
Math: Calculus AB MATH S251 4 3
Math: Calculus BC MATH S251 & MATH S252 8 3
Music: Listening & Literature MUS S123 3 3
Music Theory MUS S1 Elective 3 3
Physics 1 PHYS S123 4 3
Physics 2 PHYS S124 4 3
Physics B PHYS S123 & PHYS S124 8 3
Physics C: Mechanics PHYS S211 4 3
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism PHYS S212 4 3
Psychology PSY S111 3 3
Spanish Language SPAN S101 & SPAN S102 8 4
Spanish Literature SPAN S201 & SPAN S202 6 4
Statistics STAT S200 3 3
U.S. Government & Politics PS S101 3 3
U.S. History HIST S131 & HIST S132 6 3
World History HIST S105 & HIST S106 6 3

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides an opportunity for students admitted to UAS degree programs to test out of coursework in fine arts, humanities, social science, foreign language, English, mathematics, and natural science. ACE (American Council on Education) recommends that a minimum score of “50” must be attained to earn college credit.

Students who take the CLEP College Composition with Essay and score 50 points or higher will receive 3 semester hours of credit for WRTG S111. NOTE: The CLEP General Exam in College Composition without Essay will be transferred as elective credit only. Students cannot challenge WRTG S211 or WRTG S212

Contact: CLEP, P.O. Box 660. Princeton, NJ 08541-6600 Ph: 1-800-257-9558

CLEP Exams Currently Accepted

Test Name UAS Course Credits Min. Score
Algebra (College) MATH S151 4 50
American Government PS S101 3 50
Biology, General BIOL S115 & BIOL S116 8 50
Business Law (Introduction) BA S2 ELEC 3 50
Calculus MATH S251 4 50
Chemistry CHEM S105/ CHEM S105L & CHEM S106/CHEM S106L 8 50
College Composition WRTG S111 3 50
College Mathematics MATH S1GER 3 50
Financial Accounting ACCT S201 3 50
French (College Level)1 FREN S101 & FREN S102 6 55
French (College Level)1 FREN S2 ELEC 6 72
German (College Level)1 LANG S1GER 6 55
German (College Level)1 LANG S2 ELEC 6 72
History of the U.S. I HIST S131 3 50
History of the U.S. II HIST S132 3 50
Human Growth & Development PSY S250 3 50
Humanities HUM S1 ELEC 3 50
Natural Sciences NSCI Elective 4 50
Pre-Calculus MATH S1GER 4 50
Principles of Marketing BA S2 ELEC 3 50
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON S201 3 50
Principles of Microeconomics ECON S202 3 50
Psychology (Introductory) PSY S111 3 50
Social Sciences/History SOC/HIST S1 ELEC 6 50
Sociology (Introductory) SOC S101 3 50
Spanish (College Level)1 SPAN S101 & SPAN S102 6 55
Spanish (College Level)1 SPAN S201 & SPAN S202 6 72
Western Civilization I HIST S1GER 3 50
Western Civilization II HIST S1GER 3 50

Two to four language semesters approved. Total score determines credit award.