Counseling Services

UAS Counseling Services provides a safe environment where students can get support for stress, share their thoughts and feelings, explore concerns, gain new awareness and find new ways of looking at a situation. Counselors are based in Juneau, but can serve all UAS students within the state of Alaska. Tele-counseling is also available to students within the state of Alaska. Counselors can assist with connections to local resources for students living outside of the state of Alaska. Our professional clinical counseling staff can also provide screening for mental illness, along with follow up support.

Mental health crisis intervention is available for students Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Crisis after hours and on weekends services are available by calling 911 or your local hospital or clinic. The national crisis line is 1-877-266-4357. For students in UAS Housing, an emergency RA on-call number is 907-209-6539.

Any student who is enrolled in at least one UAS credit course for the current semester is eligible for counseling services. Students have access to individual appointments, group therapy, and programming for mental health and well-being. If specialized care is needed, community referrals will be provided. UAS Counseling Services uses a brief solution focused therapeutic approach. This approach can help with issues of homesickness, time-management, healthy relationships, grief and loss, roommate conflicts and shorter-term crises. Students with chronic mental health needs will be directed to resources in their community.

To schedule a confidential appointment, please email or call (907) 796-6000 (toll free: 877-465-4827).