Native and Rural Student Center (Juneau)

"Yak'ei haat yigoodee"

(in the Tlingit language translates to "It is good that you have come")

The mission of the Native & Rural Student Center (NRSC) is to create a student-centered inclusive environment that honors diversity, celebrates cultural traditions and knowledge, and enhances the learning experiences of the University of Alaska Southeast students. 

The Wooch.Een student club was formed in 1992. Wooch.een, in the Tlingit language, translates to ‘working together.’ The student club is open to all students and helps bridge the gap between academic and traditional Alaska Native knowledge. The student club members work closely with UAS and community organizations to foster an understanding of our state's tribes, and promote an awareness of our states cultural and social issues.

The NRSC joined the UAS campus in 1996, through the collaborative efforts of the student club Wooch.Een, UAS faculty, staff, and administration. The NRSC was founded on working together. 

The NRSC is supported by our Student Equity and Multicultural Services Manager, our Program Director for PITAAS (Preparing Indigenous Teachers and Administrators for Alaska Schools), and through the activity of clubs such as Pride Pod, Generation Action, Wooch.Een and the UAS Sustainability Club.

All groups focus on building connections to each other and place. The NRSC promotes both gender and racial equity within our community.

For information about NRSC, there are 3 ways to contact us:

We look forward to working with you!