Accounting (ACCT)

ACCT S100 Recordkeeping for Small Businesses

3 credits (3+0)
Introduction to record keeping for accounting purposes for the small business entrepreneur. Course covers all monthly activities necessary to and required by government including reconciliation of bank statements, trial balances, income statements, payroll preparation and reports, employee earnings, maintaining a journal and subsidiary ledgers, and preparation of tax forms.

ACCT S201 Principles of Financial Accounting

3 credits (3+0)
Introduction to financial accounting concepts and procedures for businesses. Emphasis is on the accounting cycle and the recording, summarizing, and interpreting of accounting data.

ACCT S202 Principles of Managerial Accounting

3 credits (3+0)
A continuation of elementary accounting concepts and procedures with the introduction of manufacturing operations and time value of money and cost accounting principles. Job order costing, process costing, cost-volume-profit, budgeting, and variances are introduced.
Prerequisite: ACCT S201 (C- 1.7 or better) and MATH S055 or higher, or instructor permission.

ACCT S222 Computer Automated Accounting

3 credits (3+0)
Demonstrates how a computer system can be used effectively for the complete accounting cycle. Emphasis is placed on general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll related transactions.
Prerequisite: CIS S105 or CIS placement test; and one of the following ACCT S100 or ACCT S201.

ACCT S225 Payroll Accounting

3 credits (3+0)
Introduction to federal and state laws and regulations that affect payroll and employment practices. Includes topics on accounting concepts and procedures for business. Emphasis is on the accounting cycle and the recording, summarizing, and interpretation of payroll data.
Prerequisite: ACCT S100 or ACCT S201 (C- 1.70 or better).

ACCT S291 Internship:


ACCT S294 Accounting Practicum

ACCT S310 Income Tax for Individuals

3 credits (3+0)
A study of federal income tax laws as they apply to individuals. Topics covered include sole proprietorships, property transactions, rental activities, itemized deductions, and tax credits. Emphasis is on knowledge of current tax law and preparing individual income tax returns.
Prerequisite: ACCT S201.

ACCT S311 Intermediate Accounting I

3 credits (3+0)
An in-depth study of the accounting sequence, principles and rules governing financial statements. Includes discussion of cash, receivables, inventory, fixed assets and intangible assets. The time value of money as it relates to financial accounting situations will also be addressed.
Prerequisite: ACCT S202 (C- 1.70 or better).

ACCT S312 Intermediate Accounting II

3 credits (3+0)
Continuation of the study of intermediate accounting including the principles governing financial reporting of liabilities, investments, deferred taxes, revenues and stockholder's equity. Preparation of the cash flow statement and disclosure information will also be addressed.
Prerequisite: ACCT S311 (C- 1.70 or better).

ACCT S316 Accounting Information Systems

3 credits (3+0)
Design and analysis of accounting systems for business entities in various industries specifically adapted for data processing. Includes data processing application for internal control, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and other accounting procedures.
Prerequisite: ACCT S202 (C- 1.70 or better) and three credits of CIS.

ACCT S342 Advanced Managerial Cost

3 credits (3+0)
Emphasizes research and planning in the cost accounting field. Topics include basic concepts and terminology; cost accumulation systems including job order cost, process cost, standard costs, absorption and variable costing; variance analysis, budgeting and profit planning, flexible budgets; cost behavior determination and use of the cost-volume-profit model; and cost systems design.
Prerequisite: ACCT S202 (C- 1.70 or better).

ACCT S379 Fund and Governmental Accounting

3 credits (3 + 0)
Emphasizes accounting and reporting standards for state and local governments. Includes an in-depth discussion of fund accounting.
Prerequisite: ACCT S202 (C- 1.70 or better).

ACCT S391 Internship:


ACCT S394 Practicum:

ACCT S452 Auditing

3 credits (3+0)
Procedures for verification of financial data and the professional standards applicable to the auditor's examination of financial statements and expression of opinion relative to them.
Prerequisite: ACCT S312 (C- 1.70 or better).

ACCT S454 Fraud and Forensic Examination

3 credits (3+0)
Cross-listed as BA S454. Provides a broad detailed overview of the practical issues and techniques that encompass fraud investigation and examination, forensic accounting, legal and liability issues, related criminology, and ethical considerations.
Prerequisite: ACCT S201 or BA S325 (C- 1.70 or better).

ACCT S491 Accounting Internship

1-6 credits (variable)

Prerequisite: Instructor Approval Form required.

ACCT S494 Accounting Practicum

1-3 credits (variable)
Pass/Fail grading.
Prerequisite: Instructor Approval Form required.