Educ: Reading Specialist (EDRE)

EDRE S671 Language, Reading and Culture

3 credits (3+0)
Core emphasis is the research on sociolinguistics as it relates to reading. Focus is on language acquisition, dialect, and home and community influences. The history and philosophy of reading are also course components.
Prerequisite: Admission to M.Ed. Reading program or permission.

EDRE S674 Developing Reading, ECE-12

3 credits (3+1)
The reading process, emergent literacy and models for teaching reading are central themes in this course. Content includes theories of language development, research on language, cognition, and language systems as they relate to reading. Practicum work required in following term.
Prerequisite: EDRE S671 and admission to M.Ed. Reading program, or permission.

EDRE S675 Reading and Cognition

3 credits (3+0)
Third course in a sequence focused on the theories and processes of reading. Emphasizes the connection between thinking and reading, and between the process of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing. Examines the social and emotional aspects of reading and the ways people respond to written text.
Prerequisite: EDRE S674.

EDRE S678 Literature and Reading: Supporting Readers at All Levels

3 credits (3+0)
Participants read, analyze and design ways to use a wide variety of literature to support readers at all levels. Includes literary analysis; studies in genre, multicultural and Alaskan literature; Alaska Standards for Culturally Responsive Schools; fostering appreciation and response to literature and motivating readers at all levels.

EDRE S679 Reading and Literacy in the Content Areas

3 credits (3+0)
Covers strategies that support literacy in the content areas and disciplines. Also focuses on the interrelated processes of writing, reading, listening and speaking in literacy development. Includes the use of technology as a tool to enhance content area literacy. Explores the role of teacher as researcher.

EDRE S680 Reading Instruction and Assessment I

6 credits (4+4)
Focuses on teaching reading and writing using a variety of reading, writing and study strategies and proven, effective practices for a broad range of students, including those with special needs. Topics include reading comprehension, word identification, vocabulary, spelling, study skills, and the writing process, including planning and mechanics. The Alaska Standards for English/Language Arts and the assessment of reading and writing skills and proficiencies are emphasized. Students will teach their own students how to improve their reading and writing, and will develop and implement a classroom-based comprehensive reading program they will share as a model for a school program.
Prerequisite: EDRE S675.

EDRE S681 Reading Instruction and Assessment II

3 credits (3+0)
Assessment of reading, with a specific focus on the reading behaviors of individual students, and effective practices associated with developing those students' skills. Emphasis is on understanding reading difficulties, the analysis and use of reading assessments, the development of individual instructional plans, and communication of meaningful data to multiple audiences. Students will utilize multiple models of reading, and focus on those that contribute to variations in reading ability.
Prerequisite: EDRE S680.

EDRE S696 Reading Teacher As Leader

3 credits (2+2)
A capstone course to display and increase the reading professional's knowledge base, particularly related to reading instruction for culturally and linguistically diverse students. Leadership skills emphasize teachers as active members of learning communities, with collaborative and integrative skills needed in complex organizations. They bring specialized knowledge to colleagues and lay persons, and help translate it into concrete applications that improve student learning. Topics include identifying, implementing and supporting effective instruction for diverse students; collaboration and communication with all stakeholders; and professional development and support for those working with diverse students. Practicum required.
Prerequisite: ED S680.

EDRE S698 Master's Research Project or Portfolio

1-3 credits (0+0+4-12)
A research paper, project, or a professional portfolio, jointly approved by the student's graduate committee and the student; to coincide with the student's professional objectives. The portfolio should document the required knowledge and ability to apply the standards set by the UAS School of Education (SOE). Portfolio criteria should be obtained from the SOE or the graduate advisor.
Prerequisite: Permission of graduate advisor and instructor required.