Mining Tech (MINL)

MINL S120 Introduction to Mining Occupations and Operations

3 credits (3+0)
Introduction to the variety of activities, processes, products, as well as entry-level jobs associated with Alaska's hard-rock mines. Students will learn about miner safety, traits, and skills, the planning and logistical requirements of remote site mine operations, the important uses of metals in our daily lives, and how mining companies protect the environment and comply with environmental regulations. Students will also learn about mine training, education, and scholarship opportunities available to Alaskans.

MINL S130 Hecla Mining Academy

2 credits (2+1)
Explores career opportunities in the mining industry and provides hands-on experience in mining operations. Students receive training on a mine simulator, and MSHA safety training Part 48 for Surface Inexperienced New Miners. Students also work-shadow a miner on site at the Hecla Greens Creek Mine. Pass/Fail grading.