Military and Veteran Assistance

The University of Alaska Southeast is approved to provide training to Veterans, eligible dependents, and active duty military service personnel who are using Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) educational benefits or Department of Defense (DoD) Tuition Assistance (TA), and who are attending UAS campuses in Juneau, Ketchikan or Sitka.

Before registering for courses, students eligible for VA educational benefits must apply for formal admission into a State Approving Agency (SAA) approved degree program. VA students who have not resided in Alaska for the past 12 months must submit an Application for Resident Tuition Assessment and complete Option C and include a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility from the VA or Statement of Benefits for Post 9/11 beneficiaries. In addition, federal law requires that schools approved for Veterans training report attendance and progress for all students who receive benefits. Information on VA educational programs and required VA applications and forms can be accessed online at Active duty military personnel utilizing TA must meet first with their Education Service Specialist/Officer then follow the instructions on how to submit their classes through their branch's unique portal. 

Students may receive VA benefits only for courses that are required for completion of their degree program. In addition, VA students must remain in good academic standing. Students who are receiving both VA educational benefits and Title IV financial assistance must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Failure to do so is reported to the VA and may terminate educational benefits. VA students may review their mandatory Shopping Sheet information on UAOnline after July 1st.

Adds, Drops and Other Changes: Students must inform the VA School Certifying Official whenever they add, drop or withdraw from courses, withdraw from the university, change address or dependents, or make other status changes. Students who drop or withdraw may be required by the VA to reimburse a portion of their Veteran benefits.