Construction Technology (CT)

CT S100 Woodworking I

3 credits (2+2)
Introduction to woodworking and woodworking machines; project construction and general finishing procedures.

CT S105 Fall Home Maintenance

1 credit (1+0)
Covers the most common and some uncommon home maintenance problems and repairs with an emphasis on those that should be done for Fall and Winter.

CT S106 Spring Home Maintenance

1 credit (1+0)
Covers the most common and some uncommon home maintenance problems and repairs with an emphasis on those that should be done for spring and summer.

CT S115 Bathrooms Simplified

1 credit (1+0)
A basic introduction to bathrooms, how they're planned, what they do and how they work. The course content includes basic construction and planning of bathrooms; project planning and scheduling; estimating projects; plumbing, heating, venting, and electrical considerations; materials; and a section on special problems and solutions.

CT S117 Owner Contracting/Building Your Own Home

2 credits (2+0)
Building your own home begins with the preconstruction process and goes from the foundation layout through the finished building. Discussion includes identifying contractors needed, the bidding process, construction and working with lenders.

CT S118 Log House Construction/Timber Framing

2 credits (2+0)
Log Building is an area of study involving practices which are applied to reinforce the student's understanding of how one plans, organizes and controls all available resources to create a natural log structure.

CT S119 Deck Building and Design

2 credits (1.5+1)
Introduction to designing and building a residential deck. The two first weekends consist of planning, material estimating, and design instruction. The final weekend will be reserved for building a deck chosen from designs created during the previous sessions.

CT S120 Basic Construction Techniques

3 credits (2+2)
Overview of construction hand and power tool usage, building procedures and codes, job and site planning, layout, foundation, floor wall, and roof framing methods, utilizing current construction practices.

CT S122 Residential Renovation, Retrofit and Repair

3 credits (3+0)
An introductory course in residential renovation, energy retrofitting, and repair. Subjects will include sequences, considerations, and consequences of exterior and interior retrofits and repairs.

CT S125 Introduction to Drywall

2 credits (1+2)
Introduces the different types of gypsum drywall; uses, fastening, and finishing techniques.

CT S135 Residential Wiring

3 credits (2+2)
Hands-on class on the basic electrical requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC) and local codes as they apply to planning and installing circuits in a residential dwelling. Electrical codes and safety are emphasized along with wire sizes and wiring circuit drawings.

CT S140 Residential Plumbing and Heating

3 credits (2+2)
A hands-on introduction to residential plumbing and heating. Basic drain/waste/vent (DWV), cold and hot water supply systems and an overview of heating systems are covered. Includes up-to-date materials, code requirements, system requirements and design.

CT S155 Woodworking II

3 credits (2+2)
Special methods in wood construction and wood finishing, emphasizing furniture and precision woodcraft.
Prerequisite: CT S100.

CT S170 Residential Design, Codes and Standards

3 credits (3+0)
Covers basic architectural drafting and residential design. Students will learn to read a set of house plans, complete a conceptual design for a house following current International Residential Codes, will understand standard building practices for a cold maritime climate, and will be aware of green building practices.

CT S175 Introduction to AutoCAD

3 credits (2+2)
An introduction to computer aided design and drafting using the industrial standard AutoCAD software. Includes the basics of computer hardware and software, computer skills required for creating and editing drawings.

CT S181 Intermediate AutoCAD

3 credits (2+2)
Develops intermediate level CADD (computer-aided design drafting) skills for architectural, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical drawings used in building construction.
Prerequisite: CT S175 or instructor permission.

CT S185 Building Diagnostics and Testing

3 credits (2+2)
Identify the hidden flaws often found in residential buildings that can cause discomfort, high energy costs, moisture and indoor air quality problems. Lectures will concentrate on theory, performance analysis and diagnostic testing methods for residential buildings. Lab sessions will focus on using a blower door, pressure measuring devices, flow hoods and analysis software.
Prerequisite: CT S201 or concurrent enrollment, or instructor permission.

CT S201 Cold Climate Construction

3 credits (3+0)
Design, construction and basic building science for understanding, planning, and constructing a durable home in a difficult maritime climate. Upon satisfactory completion, this course meets the prerequisite for the State of Alaska Contractor Residential Endorsement and also for 16 continuing education credits by the State of Alaska, Division of Occupation Licensing for General Contractors with Residential Endorsement.

CT S205 Residential Construction Superintendent

3 credits (3+0)
Skill training as a building site representative with responsibility for continuous field supervision, coordination, completion of work and prevention of accidents.

CT S213 Engineering Graphics

3 credits (2+2)
Advanced application of mechanical, electrical, civil and structural graphic standards using AutoCAD. Orthographic projections, auxiliary views, sectional views, and dimensioning are included topics.
Prerequisite: CT S181.

CT S222 Building Construction I

3 credits (2+2)
Skill development in contemporary methods of building construction.
Prerequisite: CT S120.

CT S223 Building Construction II

3 credits (2+2)
Explore the methods and means of finishing a building's interior. Topics include drywall application, wall and ceiling finishes, interior door installation, stair layout and cabinet installation. Instruction will be through classroom presentations, hands-on projects, student research, and field visits. Follows best practices for marine climates.
Prerequisite: CT S120 (C or better) or concurrent enrollmnet.

CT S227 Residential Construction Planning and Estimating

3 credits (3+0)
Overview of organizing, planning and estimating from construction drawings and specifications. A review of codes, materials, and construction methods to establish estimates of time and materials for on-site construction. An overview of construction contracts.

CT S230 Residential Mechanical Ventilation

3 credits (3+0)
Specifically designed to meet the needs of contractors and designers of new residential buildings to provide a comprehensive overview of the details involved in designing, installing, and commissioning residential ventilation systems. Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada, SkillTech Academy certification for Residential Ventilation Installation and 14 continuing education credits from the State of Alaska, Division of Occupational Licensing for General Contractors with a Residential Endorsement.

CT S240 Introduction to Landscape Design

3 credits (2+2)
Landscape design is a multidisciplinary academic study that is an application of science and technology. As a problem-solving process, it combines the aesthetics of artistic design with the practicalities of construction technology, environment studies, and botany. Color and composition are considered along with wind, drainage, building techniques, plants and materials.

CT S252 Construction Documentation

3 credits (2+2)
Study and application of materials, methods, and codes of construction specifically related to wood structures. Development of details and a complete set of working drawings using AutoCad.
Prerequisite: CT S181 or concurrent enrollment.

CT S282 Woodworking Projects

3 credits (1+4)
Construction of advanced woodworking projects. Emphasis is on advanced skill development. May be repeated for credit.
Prerequisite: CT S155.

CT S285 Advanced Building Pressure Diagnostics

3 credits (2+2)
Advanced hands-on training in measuring, inducing, and quantifying pressure flows in residential buildings. Training includes utilizing computer controlled testing apparatus, data logging, software modeling, and using other cool gizmos.
Prerequisite: CT S185.