Geology (GEOL)

GEOL S104 Physical Geology

4 credits (3+3)
GER. Introduction to the study of the solid earth as an evolving planet. The earth, its materials and the processes that effect changes upon and within it. Use of topographic maps and the recognition of common rocks and minerals are emphasized in lab. Three hours lab per week required.
Prerequisite: MATH S105 or concurrent enrollment, or placement test.

GEOL S105 Geological History of Life

3 credits (3+0)
GER. A survey of the evolution of life. Investigation of such topics as origin of the earth, origin of life, how did life evolve, how did continental drift affect the evolution of life, why did dinosaurs become extinct and were they really "hot blooded?"

GEOL S300 Geology of Alaska

3 credits (3+0)
Exploration of the tectonic assembly of Alaska using stratigraphic, magmatic, paleontologic, structural, and geophysical data. Modern and ancient volcanic arcs and their role as accretionary markers and metal ore concentrators will be studied. Students will investigate the neotectonics of the Northeastern Pacific Basin, Arctic Ocean, and Bering Sea Shelf. Precambrian to recent depositional environments and the paleobiology and hydrocarbon concentrations they contain will be considered. Pleistocene glacial and periglacial records and associated landform evolution will be evaluated.
Prerequisite: MATH S152, two previous geology courses, and upper division standing.

GEOL S301 Geomorphology

4 credits (3+3)
The study of landforms and the soils associated with them, including their features, processes, materials and development over time. Emphasis is also placed on the application of concepts and techniques from geomorphology to understanding interactions between human activities and landforms and soils.
Prerequisites: 2 lower division geology courses and upper division standing.

GEOL S302 Hydrology

4 credits (3+3)
An introduction to hydrology emphasizing physical processes and interactions between hydrological phenomena and human activities. Hydrological measurements, data analysis, quantitative descriptions, and field observations are fundamental to this course.
Prerequisite: GEOL S104 or GEOL S205 and MATH S152.

GEOL S320 Geological Resources and the Environment

3 credits (3+0)
An in-depth examination of the geologic occurrence and formation of mineral, energy, and groundwater resources, their extraction and use, with particular emphasis on associated environmental impacts. Focus is on metalic ore deposits, nonmetals, petroleum resources, coal, alternative energy resources, and aquifers.
Prerequisite: GEOL S104 or ENVS S102/GEOG S102.

GEOL S498 Research: