Alaska Native Studies (ANS)

ANS S101 Introduction to Alaska Native Studies

3 credits (3+0)
Course focus is on learning how to listen to indigenous voices. Students will learn about Alaska Native languages, cultures, histories, oratory, and philosophies. Students will discuss cultural groupings, current political and social issues, and the history of Alaska Native people. Emphasis will be placed on how Natives relate to the land, each other, religions, and state and federal governments. Covers major political landmarks, cultural language revitalizations, and the recent histories of ANCSA, subsistence, self-governance, and racism towards Alaska Native people.

ANS S460 ANCSA and Tribal Governance

ANCSA and Tribal Governance 3 credits (3+0)
Examines the complex history, implementation, and effects of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) - the largest land claims settlement in United States history. From early land claim efforts to the current state of Alaska Native corporations, tribes, subsidiaries and consortia, this class explores the interconnected web of modern Alaska Native organizations and how they are impacted by and influence federal, state, and Indian law in the United States and Alaska.
Prerequisite: ANS S101 or PS S101 or PS S102, or instructor permission.