Humanities (HUM)

HUM S105 Critical Reading in the Humanities

3 credits (3+0)
Provides a range of readings in the humanities, and strategies for interpreting, analyzing and synthesizing written texts. Extensive reading and response via oral, written and other creative methods. A reading research project is required. Course may be selected by student, or required by English placement test scores.

HUM S120 A Sense of Place: Alaska and Beyond

3 credits (3+0)
GER. Designed for first year students. Through a variety of readings, activities and discussions, examines the ways we relate to the places in which we find ourselves. Focus is on both the university and the Alaska wilderness as place through study in the humanities and social sciences, Students explore issues critical to their academic goals and objectives. Assists students in finding their place in the university setting.
Prerequisite: ENGL S092 or higher or concurrent enrollment, or placement into ENGL S110, or instructor permission.

HUM S200 Orientation to the Liberal Arts

2 credits (2+0)
Introduction to fundamental issues and texts of the liberal arts. Examines classical and contemporary texts, issues, and interpretations. A required core course in the Bachelor of Liberal Arts program.
Prerequisite: ENGL S111 (C or better) and concurrent enrollment in HUM S210.

HUM S210 BLA Portfolio Review

1 credit (1+0)
Students develop and assemble an assessment portfolio that will be maintained and updated throughout the Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA) program. Required course for the BLA degree.
Prerequisite: ENGL S111 (C or better) and concurrent enrollment in HUM S200.

HUM S216 Introduction to Linguistics

3 credits (3+0)
Cross-listed as ANTH S216. Scientific study of the structure, distribution and diversity of human language. Examines the branches of systematic linguistic analysis: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax; and the divisions of linguisitc study such as socio- and neuro-linguistics, language acquisition; drawing examples from Alaska's and many other languages.

HUM S270 Sport, Leisure and Culture

3 credits (3+0)
Understanding leisure is a key part of understanding who we are on a cultural and personal level. Leisure activities play an important role in developing our sense of identity. What is the function of leisure and recreation in American society, and why do we understand them as we do? Course introduces the concept of leisure from historical and philosophical perspectives, considered from various cultures and times. Special attention is given to sport and outdoor recreation.
Prerequisite: ENGL S111.

HUM S499 Humanities Capstone

3 (1+0+8)
Helps students synthesize learning and skills acquired in their undergraduate program and prepare them for postgraduate life. Opportunities to reflect on choices and consequences, to articulate ideas and experiences, is facilitated by texts and discussion. Students prepare a portfolio and will present their work at an instructor-approved conference or forum. Pass/Fail grading.
Prerequisite: Senior standing in a UAS degree program.