Physics (PHYS)

PHYS S102 Survey of Physics

4 credits (3+3)
GER.Concepts and methods of physics for students lacking prior physics study. The course introduces ideas of motion, properties of matter, electricity and heat with laboratory experiences. Emphasis is on the reasoning and techniques used in physics.
Prerequisite: MATH S151 or equivalent.

PHYS S103 College Physics I

4 credits (3+3)
GER. Classical mechanics including mechanical energy, waves, sound and fluids.
Prerequisites: High school physics and MATH S152.

PHYS S104 College Physics II

4 credits (3+3)
GER. Electricity, magnetism, optics and an introduction to modern physics. Three hours lab per week required.
Prerequisite: PHYS S103.

PHYS S211 General Physics I

4 credits (3+3)
GER. Calculus based study of principles of mechanics. Topics include energy, oscillations, sound and fluids.
Prerequisite: High school physics and MATH S251.

PHYS S212 General Physics II

4 credits (3+3)
GER. A continuation of PHYS 211. Topics include electricity, magnetism, and optics. Three hours lab per week required.Prerequisite: PHYS 211