Community Education, Sponsored, Non-academic and Self-Support Course Fees

As part of UAS’ goal to offer inclusive and affordable education opportunities, collaborative sponsored courses are offered for exploratory, community interest, or professional development.   Sponsored courses, community education, self-support, and non-credit courses are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid, employee or senior citizen tuition waivers.

  • Registration Information - Special course offerings may not be dropped once instruction has started and are not refundable unless the University cancels the course, or the student officially drops the course prior to the first official day of the course.  As referenced in the UAS Course Definitions section, such course offerings are numbered 001-049 or 500-599 for professional development.
  • Fee Types - Self-Support or administrative fees assessed for non-traditional courses may be assessed as per credit hour or as a flat rate. Non-academic, vocational/technical and special courses vary between programs delivery methods, and community campuses. 
  • Fee Payment - Non-traditional courses follow the same semester payment deadline as traditional courses.  Students who register into late starting course registration after the term payment deadline are expected to pay the fees at the time of registration.

Examples of Common Administrative Course Fees:

AKLA Courses

  • Starting Fall 2022, the University of Alaska Southeast and Sealaska Heritage are proud to announce that non-credit Alaska Language courses are exempt from University administrative fees.
  • $75 per credit equivalence - Administrative fee for each equivalent of one credit hour of community education instruction.  This fee structure is specific to community education courses offered in Northwest Coast Arts and using subject description AKLA.
  • 4% Network Access Fee - 4% assessed at the course level to all tuition and fees in lieu of tuition for all courses. Courses with fees less than the lower division credit hour tuition rate are exempt from the charge. All calculated fees will be rounded to the nearest dollar.

Alaska Advantage

  • $495 / 3 credit

The Alaska Advantage program encourages high school students to take any 100 or 200 level online courses offered by University of Alaska Fairbanks and University of Alaska Southeast. These college courses provide the opportunity for high school students to get a jump start on their college careers and meet high school requirements at the same time. Students who enroll in the Alaska Advantage Program can earn credits accepted at UAS and UAF, and these credits can also be transferred to other institutions of higher education. The cost is $495 per three-credit course, and $660 per four-credit course (not including textbooks and other course materials).  For more information please go to (Alaska Advantage).

Co-Sponsored Courses

  • $90 / 3 credits
  • $100 / 4 credits
  • Administrative fee for academic credits granted for university-level course work that are co-sponsored by various organizations with which UAS has an ongoing relationship.  A co-sponsored course is one in which an external entity bears most of all of the instructional costs. 
  • Co-sponsored course fees may or may not be paid by the co-sponsoring agency.  Students should expect to be responsible for the co-sponsor fee.
  • Co-sponsored courses that are built to use University infrastructure will also be assessed the campus consolidated fee in addition to the “co-sponsored course fee.”

Dual Enrollment Course Fee

  • $25 / credit
  • Administrative fee for courses offered in collaboration with specific Alaska School Districts in a co-sponsored effort to provide motivated high school students with the opportunity to begin earning college credits early.  Dual enrollment courses have closed registration that is available specifically for and solely to current Alaska high school students.  Dual enrollment courses are offered as an ongoing collaborations between the University of Alaska with specific Alaska school districts.

Professional Development Course Fee

  • $45 / 1 credit
  • $60 / 2 credit
  • $75 / 3 credit
  • Administrative fee for continuing education courses offered on a self-support basis for various professional groups.  Such courses are post-baccalaureate in nature, but cannot be applied towards degree programs.  Professional development courses are identified by a course number ranging 500 – 599, and may be offered by UAS departments or in collaboration with groups that UAS has an ongoing relationship with.