Financial Obligations and Payments

Each semester has a published campus payment due date.  Failure to pay in full or to make other payment arrangements by the published payment deadline for the term may result in cancellation of your class schedule.

Registrations that occur after the published payment due date are responsible for paying tuition and fees at the time of registration.  All registrations are not considered complete until payment or payment arrangements have been made.  Students may have their registration cancelled or a Bursar's Financial Hold placed on their student account if there is an unpaid balance after the published term due date.

It is the student’s responsibility to meet financial obligations to the University by the published due date listed on the academic calendar.  To assist students, the University of Alaska sends an electronic balance reminder after the 15th of each month to the student UA assigned e-mail address. Real time student account information is available 24/7 via UAOnline. The University is authorized to garnish Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends for payment of past due accounts.  Accounts 180 days past due will be sent to a collection agency.  Interest, late fees, and/or collection costs will be added to the student's account balance and reported to a local credit bureau.

4 ways to pay your bill:

  1. Online at UAOnline; payment by credit/debit card includes a non-refundable service fee of 2.95% of the transaction amount or $3, whichever is greater. Web check (E-Check) payments can be made on UAOnline and will not be assessed the service fee and will remain free.
  2. Enroll in a University of Alaska payment plan using UAOnline.  Additional information and enrollment guidance for UAS Payment Plans is available  on the UAS Office of the Bursar webpage
  3. Pay in person with check, money order, cash, debit or credit card at the UAS Office of the Bursar Cashiering in the Novatney Building.
  4. Send a check or money order to UAS Office of the Bursar, 11066 Auke Lake Way, Juneau, AK 99801. Please be sure to include the student ID number of the account you would like credited.
  • The University reserves the right to withhold a student's access to diploma certificates and access to add, drop, or withdraw from courses or other services if a student's financial obligations to the institution have not been fulfilled. 
  • Students that owe a balance for housing may be served with eviction notice and forfeit their security deposit. 
  • Balances owed to the University, other than tuition and fees which are due according to the semester's payment schedule, are due within 30 days.
  • Any charges unpaid at the end of the semester are due and must be paid before you can enroll in future courses.  If you owe money to the University and submit an enrollment form and payment for the current semester, you will not be enrolled in your classes; instead, the payment will be applied toward the outstanding balance. 
  • Students are held financially responsible for all courses for which they register.  Past due accounts may be sent to a collection agency and reported to the credit bureau.  Interest, late fees and / or collection costs will be added to a student's account, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 40% of the debt. For questions about past due accounts, contact Cashiering staff in the Office of the Bursar at
  • The university is authorized to garnish Alaska Permanent Fund dividends for payment of past due accounts under Alaska Statutes 14.40.251 and 43.23.190.
  • Debts arising from deferred payment agreements of any type or from contractual agreements, such as housing contracts, are legal obligations to the University and are subject to the same collection processes as tuition and fees.  It is important to read any contract thoroughly and to ask any questions before signing any form.
  • A $30 charge will be placed on the student account for check or e-check payments returned for any reason. A financial hold may also be placed, preventing the student's access to diplomas and to add, drop, or withdraw from courses until all debts to the University (any campus) are paid.  Students are sent a notification regarding the returned payment, and the balance may result in collection proceedings.

Veteran Student Information

Post 9/11 (Chapter 33) and Veteran Readiness & Employment (Chapter 31) beneficiaries may attend courses for up to 90 days from the date the beneficiary provides a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility or Post 9/11 Statement of Benefits (Chapter 33) or a valid VA Form 28-1905 form (Chapter 31) to the UAS Military & Veteran Services office. UAS will not impose a penalty, or require the student to borrow additional funds to cover tuition and fees due to late payments from VA.

Military Students Called to Active Duty or Deployment

Students called to active duty or involuntarily activated, deployed or relocated during an academic term are eligible for 100 percent refund of tuition and fees, and a prorated adjustment on housing and meal plans.