Payment Plans

(Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka)

The University of Alaska Southeast offers current and future term payment plans as an interest-free way to spread education expenses over the semester instead of one large payment at the beginning of each semester.

  • Term plans installments vary by enrollment date; plans may be offered in 3, 4 or 5 installments for the current or upcoming semester.
  • Students have the option to select either auto deduct from a bank account or to automatically charge a credit / debit card and may change payment methods after enrollment.
  • Plan enrollments are available to students admitted to UAS.  Students in UAA or UAF programs are able to view payment plans offered at their respective campus.
  • Students with verified and compliant plan enrollments prior to the term payment deadline are exempt from university late fees and drop for non-payment processes.
  • Monthly payments are based on term expenses divided by the number of payments to be made.  Students enrolling into a plan after its initial start date will need to make up the back payments to bring the payment plan current.
  • UAS Payment Plan enrollment fee is $50.
  • Scheduled automatic installments are required for all plans.
  • There is a $25 late fee per installment that are not completed as scheduled.
  • Plan information and step-by-step directions are available on our website 
  • View or enroll in a term payment plan through UAOnline